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Offering Assistance

Dear Volunteer:
Thank you for volunteering to help individuals who are currently unemployed and are seeking work.

In order to help match your expertise with those seeking assistance, please copy the information listed in blue below into an email, fill in the form and then send it to


Name: ____________________________________________________
(For contact purposes only. We will not list your name on the website or in any public manner).
How I prefer to be contacted (one or more of the following) —
· Email Address: 
· Telephone number: 
· Fax number: 
· Mail address: 
Field(s) of Expertise: ________________________________________________
Assistance Offered — (one or more of the following)
_____ Resume & Cover letter writing - reviewing and editing 
_____ Interview preparation
_____ Writing an “elevator speech”
_____ Networking
_____ Job Search Strategy
_____ Employment Coaching 
_____ Financial Planning
_____ Legal Services
_____ Mental Health Services
_____ Medical Services
_____ Other (please specify, _________________________)
_____ please contact me to discuss

By participating in this Initiative I agree to the following regarding confidentiality:

I will maintain the privacy of those I volunteer to help. Unless I get specific permission from the person I am assisting, I agree not to disclose the fact that they are seeking help, the nature of my work with them, the jobs or companies they may be interested in, their progress in locating a new position, or other personal information. Unless I get specific permission from the person I am assisting, I will not circulate their name, resume, or other documents to potential employers. If I see the individual I am helping outside of our working sessions, I will not raise matters related to our work together unless the person gives me specific permission to do so.

Email us if you have Feedback, Suggestions, Questions

Thank you for your assistance.