Boomers and Empty Nesters

Baby Boomers 

Baby boomers continue to be characterized as "seekers" who look for meaning, connection, and purpose.  We understand that Boomers are looking for a way to "be Jewish" that feels personal, authentic, eclectic, and dynamic.   Temple Sinai is a wonderful resource and community that offers:

  • Shabbat and holiday services with a wide-variety of music and prayer styles
  • Engaging adult-education classes
  • Social action projects
  • a caring and supportive community that celebrates with you in times of joy and supports you in times of grief
  • Special-interest clubs and programs where you can deepen your learning, explore activities and meet people in a Jewish framework

Many boomers also report that they are entering a stage in life when they are taking more time for reflection and a re-evaluation of what is important to them. We invite you to examine (or –re-examine) the beauty and depth that Jewish tradition, wisdom and practice has developed over thousands of years. 

Empty Nesters 

Many people initially come to synagogue life to provide their children with a Jewish education or to prepare them for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.   When children grow-up and leave the home many adults find themselves re-examining the role that a synagogue can play in their lives. Temple Sinai sees Judaism as a life-long journey with depth and riches to offer across the entire life-span and this stage in life is no exception. 

Many people report mixed feelings about their children leaving home. Some people report a sense of wonder of the possibilities of what to do with their new-found time. We encourage you to explore Temple Sinai as a place to take enriching adult education classes, participate in special interest groups, get involved in social action projects or take on a greater role of leadership. People also often report that the transition of children leaving home can be disorienting. We encourage you to participate in our programs and community and in doing so create enriching and supportive connections with our members, clergy and staff.

*If you have children in college who would like to learn about FREE trips to Israel, alternative break programs, job and internship opportunities and news about Reform Judaism on campus, please click here.

We want to hear from you. If there are ways we can help you to feel more connected to Temple Sinai or ways that we can better serve you, please contact Executive Director Terrie Goren at (510) 451-3263 x304.