Mah Jongg

Mah Jongg Card WTS Fundraiser Information


Yep! It's that time again. Prices still $8 for standard (small) card, and $9 for a large card. YAY! 

Here's what you do:
1. Decide how many cards and which size(s) you want.
2. Do the math. Please check twice.
3. Make out a check payable to  - MELISSA BATAVIA - with the answers to #1 and #2. The check is made out to me because I put the whole thing on a credit card, which NMJL prefers.
4. Send check to: Melissa Batavia, 1102 Warfield Avenue, Piedmont, CA  94610.
5. Feel free to forward this announcement to anyone who needs cards.
Questions? You may email Melissa at [email protected].
7. Cards are mailed directly to you from NMJL. Problems with delivery, let me know..
THE GOOD NEWS: Because we all followed directions exactly in 2018, WTS received a check for $442.00.
This is the Collector's (that's us) rebate at $2 per card (for ordering on-line) AND an extra $15!
Yayayayayayaayayyyy!!! ;)
Answers to some comments/questions I've received in the past:
a. No, I cannot just put you down for what you ordered last year. I shred all records after cards are delivered and the NMJL website erases past orders as well.
b. Deadline is HARD!