Mizmor Shir! (Musical Shabbat Services)


Mizmor Shir!

Mizmor Shir! Group:

Back row starting on left:
George Emblom, Katja Cooper, Cantor Ilene Keys, Andy Wolpert (behind cantor), Valerie Sopher

Front row starting on left:
Asaf Ophir, Sam Schuchat, Joel Siegel 


Third Friday of every month at 7:30pm 

A musical Shabbat service featuring Cantor Keys and the Mizmor Shir! musicians which include: piano, guitar, mandolin, flute, saxophone, clarinet, drums and other percussive instruments. This service features congregational melodies and eclectic, contemporary music which compliment the creative service booklet compiled by Rabbi Mates-Muchin specifically for this service. 

Click below to download the service booklet:
Mizmor Shir! Service in English with Transliteration 
Mizmor Shir! Service in English and Hebrew

To listen to the music from the Mizmor Shir! Shabbat, click here.