Youth Programs

SiTY (Sinai Temple Youth)

is committed to providing a vast array of opportunities to build and strengthen relationships, leadership talents, and help teens discover where they fit socially and spiritually using engaging and meaningful experiences that are current and relevant to them now. We offer a variety of fun, diverse and interactive experiences for all participants.  Our intention is to allow youth to socialize, be responsible, and create memories within a Jewish peer community that emphasizes Jewish identity exploration, social action and ethical decision making.  

  • 4th-6th grade students meet several times a year on Sunday afternoons for fun adventures with Jewish friends.
  • 7th grade students have youth events built into the 7th grade learning program including off-site adventures, on-site overnights, and a weekend trip to LA.
  • 8th-12th grade teens participate in SiTY Tuesdays, a weekly youth gathering including connection, food, and creative learning experiences.  It is a place where teens unplug from cell phones, and Instagram to experience face to face interactions. Homework is temporarily set aside for meaningful conversations and the opportunity for self-discovery. Registration is ongoing! Register Today!
  • 8th-12th grade teens also hold several fun social events each year which are planned for teens by teens. Plus, we participate in regional teen events as part of the Central West Region (CWR) and nationally through NFTY (National Association of Temple Youth). Teens can join us on any or all of our five annual retreats that bring our teens together with Jewish teens from all over Northern California and the United States. NFTY provides teens with amazing opportunities to see where their Judaism can take them as young adults.

For more information about our upcoming youth activities, contact Michele Quiat, Youth Programs Director, or at (510)451-3263 x343. All events can be found on the youth calendar.  Registration for 8th - 12th grade programs is open. Register today!