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Adult Education—Ongoing Monthly Classes

Shabbat in Small Steps: Keva and Kavanah —
Presented by the Ritual Committee and taught by Valerie Sopher

In-person | All year

Are you interested in learning about the Friday night service? What do the various prayers mean? Why do we stand for some prayers but not others? When and why do we bow? Explore these topics and more with Ritual Committee member Valerie Sopher in a brief discussion following the Mizmor Shir! Shabbat services beginning November 18, 2022!

Songs of Shabbat: Learning How to Sing Congregational Melodies
Presented by the Ritual Committee and taught by Phil Rubin

In-person | January, 2023

This Sunday class, combined with the Friday night “Shabbat in Small Steps” taught by Valerie Sopher is called “Keva, Kavanah, and Kehilah” taught by members of the Ritual Committee. The Friday night portion “Shabbat in Small Steps” taught by Valerie Sopher cover Keva and Kavanah by explaining meanings, choreography, order, and history of the liturgy, while the Sunday morning program taught by Phil Rubin will cover Kehilah with congregational singing and learning how the prayers of Shabbat are sung.

If you've considered attending shabbat services more often, but are intimidated by your lack of familiarity with what transpires, one of the best ways to wet your toes is to familiarize yourself with some of the songs. Half or more of a Friday evening service is music.  In this class we'll introduce you to many of the songs we commonly sing. If you participate — even a bit — in a service, you can make it your own.

No experience necessary and no registration is required. The first session is January 29, 2023.

Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783