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Adult Education Classes

New Adult Hebrew Classes Beginning September 7 and October 10

Starting in September there will be two different levels of Adult Hebrew open to those wishing to decode, read, chant, and understand Hebrew in order to participate more fully in services. See if YOU fit into any of these classes! All classes are by zoom and we would love to have you bring your talents and good intentions to our collegial endeavor. You are welcome to bring your rusty skills or lack of any Hebrew skills and start anew, brush up or expand them in these classes. 

Total Beginners Class — Introduction to basic decoding. (Class E).  Mondays weekly after 6:00pm (exact start time tbd.) 
Class begins October 10   

Students learn the alphabet and vowels, blending, and introductory vocabulary and features of the Hebrew language. A great deal of class time is spent practicing  decoding and developing confidence with word attack skills.

Advanced Beginners Class (Class D)  
Wednesdays 6:30pm – 7:45pm   
Class begins September 7

Students should be able to recognize  Hebrew letters and vowels and easily decode up to three syllable words. Class will continue studies of the the Shabbat service focussing on the Amidah,  its vocabulary and relevant grammar, its place and function in the service.

No matter your age or aptitude, you too can learn Hebrew and increase your engagement in Jewish worship and tradition. All classes are $180. (for eleven sessions of 1&1/4 hours) Books: $12. For Questions or to register, call Elaine Bachrach (510) 530-7616 or email

Wed, September 28 2022 3 Tishrei 5783