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B'nei Mitzvah Facilities Information

Updated December, 2022
Kiddush after the Saturday Morning Service:
  • There is no additional charge to have a kiddush luncheon following your child’s service, and you are welcome to use Stern Hall on Saturday after the service until 1:30pm. After 1:30pm, there will be an hourly surcharge to cover the costs of security and custodians. Each additional hour: $100.
  • It is up to you whether you wish to serve light refreshments, a buffet luncheon or a seated meal. Whatever level of food you wish to provide, please include enough for 10-20 Temple Sinai members who regularly attend the morning service, in addition to your family and friends.
  • If you are not having a kiddush luncheon at temple, we suggest that you provide a very simple kiddush for regular congregants who will be attending services on the day of your simcha. This can be as simple as bagels, cream cheese and lox, and congregants are very appreciative.
  • Stern Hall Maximum Seating Capacity: 190 seated guests.
  • Temple provides challah and grape juice for the bimah; tables, chairs, water, coffee & tea. We do not provide milk, half and half or liquid creamer.
  • During the kiddush luncheon, guests of the B’nei Mitzvah family are to use Stern Hall and the immediate area only. Access to the 2nd floor, 3rd floor and other areas of the building is strictly prohibited.
Stern Hall Rental for Evening Party
  • Stern Hall is available for evening parties from 6:00 – 10:00pm; there is a rental fee of $1,000 and a security fee of $200.
  • Families may bring alcohol (permit required from caterer if serving alcohol) and may provide musical entertainment.
  • Parking can be a challenge during the day but shouldn’t generally be a problem for an evening party. Parking is first come, first serve. We do not reserve parking. Do not leave any valuables in plain view.
Special Requirements
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) from caterer, photographer & musician (and any other vendors working onsite during the event) required.
  • Alcohol permit from caterer if serving alcohol.
  • Caterers are welcome to use the Temple Sinai kitchen (food prep only - no cooking) and will be responsible for cleaning after the event. Pork and shellfish are not allowed.
  • Alcohol permit required from caterer if serving alcohol.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) required.
  • Temple Sinai is a Certified Green Business. As such, caterers and applicants must use reusable (washable) or compostable plates, cups and napkins. After the event, materials must be sorted into recycling, compost and trash using the bins provided for this purpose. Caterers are responsible for cleaning and clearing all the food and serving tables.
  • Caterers must bring enough staff to run the event. Temple staff cannot help with catering due to liability issue.
  • Photography and videography are freely allowed anywhere in the Sanctuary from 9:00 am until 10:15am on the morning of the service. During the service, additional photographers and videographers are welcome but are restricted to the balcony. The cameras must be stationary, either hand-held or on a tripod and cannot move during the service. There must be no clicks or flashes. Only the designated photographer is allowed and s/he cannot have a role in the service. Temple Sinai does NOT provide video recordings of services.
Additional Optional Fees
  • Table Linens (choice of white, black or maroon): $20 each.
  • Dance floor: $200.
Not Allowed
  • No confetti. No helium balloons. No throwing of candy. No pork or shellfish. No smoke, fog or bubble machines.

Please see our Facilities Fee Page for complete list of fees. 

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