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Inspirations for Elul

Tuesday, September 1, 7:00pm
Forgiveness with Rabbi Chester

Join us to discuss and reflect on forgiveness, an essential theme of the High Holy Day season. 
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Thursday, September 3, 7:00pm
Katy Butler on The Art of Dying Well—How to Prepare for a Good End of Life

The last third of life poses challenges as well as gifts, especially in the era of COVID 19. But acceptance, community, and planning can relieve worry. Join us to hear bestselling healthcare journalist Katy Butler share from her handbook of step by step preparations — practical, communal, medical, and spiritual — to help you drink deeply from the life that remains.

Sharing insights from her book, "The Art of Dying Well," Katy will discuss how to recognize and adapt to seven discrete health stages of the last third of life, deepen purpose and connections, express regrets and gratitude, create rituals for loss, and make sure that death, when it comes, is framed as a sacred rite of passage rather than a purely medical event. She will discuss what has changed and what has stayed the same since the pandemic began, and what she has learned about death, community, and mourning from the special strengths of Jewish practices and spirituality. 40 minute talk, followed by 40 minutes of open, lively, no-holds barred discussion. This free presentation is hosted by Temple Sinai Oakland's Wise Aging Committee.

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Saturday, September 5, 10:30am 
Guided Meditation with Steve Goldstein 

Connecting to Gratitude and the Resolve to Change
During the Hebrew month of Elul, the month before the High Holy Days, we enter into a period of self-reflection.  Steve Goldstein will lead us through guided meditations on themes of the High Holy Days. 
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Wednesday, September 9, 3:30 – 5:30pm 
Baking Honey Cake with Laurie Leiber 

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Download recipe here to follow along while you bake!

Thursday, September 10, 7:00pm 
How to Blow the Shofar with Phil Rubin and Dan Fendel

Do you have a shofar gathering dust on your shelf? Want to join in as we Sound the Shofar on September 20? It’s easier to make a sound than you might expect. Grab your shofar and learn from experienced amateurs Phil Rubin and Dan Fendel. 

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The attached readings may help you prepare to learn about sounding the shofar. Two concern the meaning of the individual sounds, about which there are many views. The third, from Rabbi Alan Lew, addresses the emotional preparation and state of mind for someone who is sounding the shofar.

The Shofar Sounds

Shofar Sound Meanings

Rabbi Alan Lew on the Shofar

Saturday, September 12, 7:00pm
S'lichot Discussion and Service

As preparation for our S'lichot service, we will have a study session using the principles of mussar — the ancient yet modern tradition of personal ethical study — to examine our behavior. The discussion will be presented by the Wise Aging Committee (but suitable for all ages), and will include breakout groups for sharing. 

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Tuesday, September 15, 4:00pm
Preparing the Heart for Rosh HaShanah

The High Holy Days are a vibrant time of celebration and contemplation. We can sweeten our intentions for the upcoming year through deep reflection. Join congregant and Familial founder, Aviva Black, as she leads us through guided reflection and journal writing. Perhaps this will be the start of a new Elul tradition!
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Tuesday, September 15, 7:00pm

Making Teiglach with Terrie Goren

Is this a blast from your past or have you never heard of it?

Teiglach, a traditional Rosh HaShanah treat, literally means “little dough” in Yiddish and has its history in the Lithuanian Jewish community. While boiling dough in honey seems a bit odd, the dough cooks up crunchy like a cookie covered in a sticky honey syrup. The ingredients are quite basic, and the process is quite simple, but the result is oddly addicting. Join Terrie Goren, executive director, as she presents a demonstration on making this traditional holiday treat.

Get the recipe to follow along here

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Sunday, September 20, 3:00pm
Sound the Shofar

Let's connect with as many Bay Area Jewish organizations as we can to sound the Shofar at the same time — 3:00pm on the 2nd day of Rosh HaShanah, September 20, 2020. Wherever you are, blow the Shofar!

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September 19 – 26

More Opportunities to Blow the #ShofarTogether!

Who:  You! Every day, people are drawing on newfound wellsprings of creativity, and finding ways to create moments of unity together. It's your turn to be part of creating a new way to celebrate!
What:  Sound your shofar! Be part of a community-focused twist on the traditional shofar blast sounded at Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur every year. Be part of the #ShofarTogether moment of massive unity among the Jewish people!
Where:  Your front porch, or anywhere you’d like
When:  7:00 PM, Saturday, 9/19 through Saturday, 9/26 (during the Days of Awe following the first day of Rosh HaShanah and before Yom Kippur)

Don't forget to post your photos and videos of your shofar solidarity with the hashtag #ShofarTogether!

Mon, September 21 2020 3 Tishrei 5781