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Torah and Talmud Study

Torah Study
Shabbat (Saturday) Mornings at 9:00am

Every week, over 30 congregants gather with one of our clergy for a lively Torah Study and discussion. We are currently on Zoom, but hope to resume in hybrid form soon. We explore interpretations offered by our sages, share our own, and reflect on ways that the text touches upon our lives today. Torah study ends in time for those wishing to attend Shabbat Morning Services. Each Torah Study concludes with a short commentary on the weekly Torah Portion offered by a member of the community, followed by Mi Shebeirach and Kaddish.

Talmud Study  
The Talmud is the foundation of Rabbinic Judaism, and its origins as the Oral Law go back to the time when the Second Temple stood in Jerusalem. The Talmud was codified in written form in the 6th century CE, and has been the object of study and commentary ever since. 

The study of Talmud at Temple Sinai includes a longstanding study group, and a new group moderated by the clergy following the Daf Yomi cycle that started in January of 2020. 

The self-guided study group, which has been ongoing since the late 1990's, meets every Monday evening offsite and follows a slow and steady path of study (no Hebrew is required). Please call Fred Isaac at (510) 520-2825 for more information.

Sun, August 14 2022 17 Av 5782