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Annual Giving 2023-24

It was a darkening evening in October, two weeks after Hamas attacked Israel. Cantor Keys’ uplifting voice and the Mizmor Shir! musicians filled Albers Chapel with light. Then Rabbi Mates-Muchin and Rabbi Bressler did something unusual: Instead of a Shabbat sermon, they passed the microphone around to congregants. People spoke — both long-time members and some who had set foot inside Temple Sinai for the very first time that evening. They voiced fears for Israel, pain at the human suffering on both sides, anguish at growing antisemitic reactions here at home. Some wept. It was like Yom Kippur, when everyone brings their own unique burden but finds solace and strength in our shared Jewish community.

That evening was Temple Sinai at its best — a place of Jewish connection and meaning, and a space for reflection and growth. During this time of great challenge, we want to thank you for being a pillar of our essential community. We also invite you to join us in supporting the 5784 Annual Giving Campaign. 

Temple Sinai provides both a physical and psychological space to contemplate, question, learn, and grow in our Jewish identities and our relationship to the greater world. It offers comfort and connection during times of conflict and tragedy. Our clergy and staff have risen to this current moment of crisis with courage, inclusivity, and vision. We are deeply grateful for their leadership and want to do everything possible to support them and the programming that makes Temple Sinai a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual home for so many of us.

The current crisis has also brought a heightened focus on safety and security at Jewish institutions everywhere. We at Temple Sinai have already taken many steps to enhance the safety of our community, but there is always more to do in this area. Making these structural and operational improvements takes both effort and money, and requires the support and engagement of our entire community. 

None of this — our innovative programming, our welcoming community, our secure campus — would be possible without the help of committed supporters like you. Please join us in contributing to the 5784 Annual Giving Campaign. With your help, Temple Sinai will continue to provide inspiration, education, and connection in both joyous and difficult times. We thank you in advance for your generous donation in whatever amount makes sense for you and your family. Donations may be made using the links below, via donor advised funds and foundations, or using mandatory distributions from 401(k) or other retirement accounts. Every contribution matters. 

Adonai oz l’amo yitein, Adonai y’varech et amo v’shalom. 

May God give strength to our people, may God bless us all with peace. 

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Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784