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Temple Sinai Shema and V'ahavta

The Shema is the watchword of our faith, the foundation upon which all other aspects stand. And the V’ahavta is an expression of how the Shema is lived in the world.  As a congregation, we continually look to our foundation and traditions to guide our own future.

Almost three years ago, a Strategic Visioning Task Force (SVT) began meeting to provide an opportunity for reflection and a voice in guiding our community. After countless hours of collaboration with each other, fellow congregants during Community Conversations, and the temple leadership, the SVT eloquently crafted our own Shema and V’ahavta statements to serve as guideposts for Temple Sinai. We present these to you now, (see below) in this historic summer of 2020, as we embark upon a Strategic Planning process together as well as reorient ourselves in a world wholly different from the one we knew just months ago.

Now more than ever, our Shema and V’ahavta statements provide light, clarity, and solidarity for our community. They are statements we can lean on and count on, and statements that will propel us toward our future path. These words are the basis for who we are and what we do, the fabric of our life as Jews and members of Temple Sinai.

Click on the image below for a printable pdf. 

Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyar 5784