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B' Mitzvah Prayers and Blessings

For B' Mitzvah Students
Basic Prayers and Blessings 

Below you will find all the basic prayers and blessings you need to know while studying to become a B' Mitzvah.

Click here to see the list of what to bring to your meetings with the tutor and the cantor!

Click on an audio file below to play; click PDF for the corresponding text:

Tallit Blessing (PDF, use for tracks 1-3)
Blessing before the Torah (PDF)
Blessing after the Torah (PDF)
V'ahavta  (PDF) (audio with highlighting)
Avot v'Imahot  (PDF) (audio with highlighting)
G'vurot  (PDF) (audio with highlighting)
Kiddush PM  (PDF)
Blessing before the Haftarah (PDF, use for tracks 4 &5)
Blessing after the Haftarah (PDF)
Kiddush AM  (PDF)
Torah Cantillations   (PDF)

Prayer book Leader Version

Prayer book Hebrew Additional Lines and Announcements (see prayer book) (m4a)


For B' Mitzvah Family and Guests — The Blessing for Friday Night Candles and Torah Blessings. 
(B' Mitzvah students should use links above; links below include transliteration)

Candle Blessings

  Friday Night Candle Blessing  (PDF)
  Friday Night Candle Blessing  (mp3)

Torah Blessings   (PDF)

  Blessing Before the Torah   (mp3)
  Blessing After the Torah   (mp3)


Temple Sinai Religious School Home Siddur

The Religious School Home Siddur CD contains all the songs, blessings and prayers you need to perform home rituals such as lighting Shabbat candles, saying the Shema at night, and leading Havdalah.  These are just a few of the home rituals included on this CD.

Download the Religious School Home Siddur

Home Siddur compiled and arranged by Ophira Druch. CD recorded and produced by Cantor Ilene Keys and Eric Schoen. Project conceptualized by Ophira Druch and Lori L. Abramson, MAJE.

Shabbat: Candle Lighting (mp3)
Shabbat: Family Blessings (mp3)
Shabbat: Kiddush (mp3)
Shabbat: Washing hands, blessing over bread   (mp3)
Havdalah  (mp3)
Holy Days: Candle Lighting   (mp3)
Kiddush for Rosh HaShanah   (mp3)
Kiddush for Sukkot, Passover, Shavuot, Shehkheyanu   (mp3)
Rosh Hashana (mp3)
Sukkot (mp3)
Hanukkah (mp3)
Consecration of a house  (mp3)
Bedtime Shema  (mp3

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