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Music at Temple Sinai


Here at Temple Sinai we have a very vibrant music program. Our worship is infused with eclectic and engaging liturgical music that reflects the large breadth and scope of our Jewish musical tradition.  On any given Friday night or Saturday morning you may hear traditional, contemporary, folk, chassidic, middle eastern, or classical Reform repertoire. We invite and encourage congregational singing and participation during worship and our use of the new Reform Siddur, Mishkan T'filah enables our congregants and guests to do just that. Music allows us to open up to God and helps connect us with our Jewish heritage and community. Our musical selections seek to express the text and convey the kavanah or intent of the prayer.

The following CDs were created to help you learn some of the melodies that we do here at Temple Sinai, and to facilitate congregational singing. I hope you will use these CDs as a learning tool so that you will feel more comfortable when you come to services, and so you may fully participate in worship. The music is for both educational purposes and for your enjoyment. May your lives be filled with song! Cantor Ilene Keys

CDs are available by calling the Temple office at (510) 451-3263. There is no fee for members and donations to the Music Fund are appreciated. 

Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyar 5784