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B' Mitzvah Music

The B' Mitzvah CD is all the basic prayers and blessings you need to know while studying to become a B' Mitzvah.

Click on an audio file below to play; click PDF for the corresponding text:

Tallit Blessing   (PDF, use for tracks 1-3)
Blessing before the Torah
Blessing after the Torah
Blessing before the Haftarah   (PDF, use for tracks 4 &5)
Blessing after the Haftarah
V'ahavta   (PDF)
Avot v'Imahot   (PDF)
G'vurot   (PDF)
Kiddush PM   (PDF)
Kiddush AM   (PDF)
Torah Cantillations   (PDF)

Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784