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Wellness Center of Temple Sinai

Wellness Center of Temple Sinai—Nourishing the mind, body, and spirit

Many congregants at Temple Sinai are looking for new and meaningful ways to connect with congregational life. That is why we are so pleased to present the Wellness Center of Temple Sinai.  The mission of the Wellness Center is to promote Wellness and Mind/Body Health by embracing Jewish traditions, values, and practices. The goal of the Wellness Center is to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. As you may have noticed this past Winter and Spring of 2023, we have begun to offer workshops and classes on Mussar, Mindfulness Meditation, Chanting and Yoga, Pilates, Wise Aging, and a Parent/Baby Community group. These classes are being held either in-person or on Zoom. All these programs strive to connect with Jewish thought and practice while at the same time endeavor to provide innovative approaches to build community, comfort, and belonging.

So why a “Center”? This is a virtual Center existing on the Temple’s website and social media sites. We want our congregants and the Jewish community at large to be able to go to one central location to find our wellness offerings. By offering these opportunities all under the umbrella of a Center, it demonstrates our goal of being intentional in our programs to promote Wellness. The Wellness Center’s Kavanah (the Hebrew word for intention) is to offer an innovative and comprehensive approach to our Jewish spirituality and wellness.


Here is a list of our offerings in Winter/Spring/Summer of 2023:

Mussar Course 1: Mussar at Midlife with Rabbi Mates-Muchin
In-person | Targeted group: Middle-aged adults | January-February

Mussar, the Jewish spiritual practice that aids us in leading meaningful and ethical lives, can be incredibly helpful in navigating the unique pressures and complexities of midlife. This cohort of middle-aged adults came together for learning, discussion, and reflection as they explored this aspect of Jewish tradition with the intention of enhancing their everyday experience of life.

Mussar Course 2: Introduction to Mussar with Rabbi Mates-Muchin
Zoom only | Open to all Temple Members | March-May

As a result of an expressed interest in Mussar from those outside the “middle-aged” cohort, a second group formed to explore this Jewish spiritual practice. This group met on Zoom every other Wednesday evening.

Introduction to Jewish Mindfulness Meditation: Cultivating Gratitude
In-person/Shabbat mornings, March 4, 18, and 25

This course explored the benefits of Jewish Mindfulness Meditation. Steve Goldstein led a 3-part series in practicing the meditation techniques of quieting the mind, opening the heart, and using the breath to ground ourselves in the present. A short teaching was presented at the beginning of each session that tied these meditation techniques to traditional Jewish thought and practice. Each meditation session was designed to help cultivate a stronger sense of Gratitude.

Wise Aging
Hybrid | Members only, must apply |Targeted group: 65+ adults | All year

The Wise Aging program explores the experiences, challenges, and opportunities as an older adult through a Jewish lens. Topics include cultivating nourishing relationships, living with loss, forgiveness, accepting our aging bodies, legacy, and stewardship, and more. At each session, participants have opportunities for personal sharing, basic mindfulness practice, and text study. A new group will be forming in the Fall of 2023. In addition, there are monthly webinars on various topics related to Aging. These webinars are open to the entire Temple community. For more information on Wise Aging, please go to

With All Our Body, Mind, and Soul:  Music in Motion
In-person |Albers Chapel/Spring

Using Jewish chant and yoga, Cantor Keys and Robin Spiegelman led this two-session course to connect our bodies and minds to our breath and soul through musical chant and motion. No prior yoga or chanting experience necessary. “Let us feed your soul through song and movement!”

“Baby and Me” (“Tinok v’Ani”) Community Group
In-person /Open to the Jewish Community/June-July, Fall

Karen Tanner is leading a postpartum Parent/Baby group. Parents and their newborns will attend these in-person sessions that will support parents with their adjustment to life with their newborn. You and your baby are invited to come meet other Jewish and Interfaith families who want to:

  • Celebrate the discovery of parenting.
  • Explore what it means to be a new parent and hear others' experiences.
  • Ask questions in a safe environment.
  • Seek support and develop new friendships.

A 6-week pilot group will start in June and will be followed by a 10-week group starting in the Fall. This will be scheduled for a weekday morning. Register here.

Prayer through Movement:
In-person /July

Using the principles of Pilates, Laurie Leiber will lead a series of movement sessions inspired by the Blessings for Daily Miracles. These sessions will happen in July on Shabbat mornings.

Join us for an exploration of prayerful movement designed to focus attention and gratitude on the miraculous machine that makes our lives possible. Please bring a mat, wear something you can move in, and eat a light breakfast. Modifications available for doing the movements seated.

So, what’s next? Look forward to the Inaugural Open House of the Wellness Center of Temple Sinai coming this September 30th. We will be offering a day long program of workshops in Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Sacred Chanting, Pilates, Mussar, Wise Aging, Mindful Eating, and a Shabbat Morning Meditation Service.

And then more exciting offerings this coming Fall, Winter, and Spring!

Please contact us at for any questions about the Wellness Center of Temple Sinai.

Sun, May 28 2023 8 Sivan 5783