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Introduction to the Temple Sinai Library and Its Catalog

Please note that the catalog has been divided for your use into two documents: Adult and Juvenile (children/youth).

Using this Introduction on your device will also serve as your guide when using the library in person.

The Adult Catalog

This is organized by the Elazar classification system. It has both numerical call numbers (in graduated order), and some non-numerical call numbers for Biography, Fiction, and Reference. 

When using the online catalog, you can use “Command F” and enter either the call number, the author, or a word or words in the title.  That find should locate all the books that fit your “find” requirements and tell you how many of them there are. If you scroll through these, you should be able to locate either the subject matter (by catalog/call number) or the  author, or the specific title in question (if we have such a book).

If you do not have a specific book or author in mind and just wish to browse the collection, you will find that the call numbers organize the books in roughly the following  way:

Reference Books, which are only to be used in the library, are located in the first three stacks to your left at library entrance. This now includes a collection of varied prayerbooks (Ref 230), various editions of the Bible (Ref 001-003), Torah commentaries (Ref 015), and Talmud (Ref 100), as well as reference books on Hebrew, History, Literature and Culture. Many of these have either duplicates or similar works in the Circulating Collection. The numbers after Ref on the spine labels will direct you to the corresponding sections of circulating books.

Please access the adult catalog here. 

Circulating Books:

1)Please be sure to check these out if you are removing them from the library, even if only to another location in the building.

2)These books are to be found starting in the 4th stack to your left at entry, and they continue to your left until the windows. 

Stack #4      001-099      Bible and Biblical Studies 

Stack #5      100-199      Classical Judaica: Halakah and Midrash

Stack #6       200-299      Classical Judaica end/ Jewish Practice begin

Stack #7      200-299      Jewish Practice:Holidays (200-290)

Stack #8      200-299      Jewish Practice:Holidays; Jews and Others (290-299)

Stack #9      400-599      Hebrew, Yiddish (400-479; Health, Science, Healing (480-499); Folktales and Humor (500-599)

Stack #10      600-659      Jewish Social Institutions/ Behavior (Death, Women,Synagogues, LGBTQ, Mixed Marriage) 

Stack  #11      660-699      Jews in the World Order; Jews and the Arts; Public Entertainment, Media; Foods

Stack #12      700-736      Jewish History pre-WWII,  Geography; Holocaust (736) begin                

Stack #13      736-770      Holocaust; Sephardim (750); History post WWII (760-769); American Jew. Hist begin (770-799)

Stack #14      770-899      American Jewish History end; Zionism and Israel begin(800-899);

Stack #15      800-899.+   Zionism and Israel ;Biography begin; Media: CDs, VHS Tapes, DVDs

Stack #16      Bio                Biography continues (alphabetical by subject)

For Adult literature (fiction, poetry, short stories), see the shelves to your right at entry and primarily under the windows:

(FICTION, POETRY, SHORT STORIES—Shelved alphabetically by author)

Juvenile Collection

The Juvenile Collection is organized by the following categories and the call numbers, which are not numerical, will reflect these categories. Within the categories on the shelves, the books will be arranged Alphabetically by Author, except for in J Biography, where they will be Alphabetical by Subject.

These books begin under the windows opposite the library entrance.They start immediately to the right of the cabinets, continue to the right, turn the corner and continue in the tall stacks on your righthand wall.

J Bible J Hanukah J Hebrew J NF (non fiction

J Holidays J Pesach J Israel J Holocaust

J Pictures J Sukkot J Biography J Holocaust Fiction

J Shabbat J Purim J Fiction (youth to young adult)

Please access the juvenile catalog here.


Please return books to the Return shelf directly to the left of the entrance (facing into the library). 

Staff will re-shelve them.

You will find a bin for library donations immediately behind the door.

You will also find a small step stool to aid in your use of the upper shelves.

The shelves immediately to the right of the open door (facing in) are reserved  1) for class sets of books used regularly in the library, such as for Torah or Talmud Study.  and 2) for use by library staff only.

We hope you will use the library collection responsibly and often and enjoy it.


Thu, April 18 2024 10 Nisan 5784