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The Temple Sinai clergy and community as a whole stand ready to support your family during times of loss and grief. It is always wise to discuss your end-of-life wishes and funeral plans in advance, and you may contact the Clergy Assistant to schedule a meeting with clergy to discuss this process.

Below is a short guide to funeral planning and things to consider as you are making your decisions. If you have experienced an unexpected loss, please see the guide below “Immediate steps upon a death."


• Immediate steps upon a death

Short guide to Jewish funerals and cemeteries

The Temple Sinai community is proud to have a Chevrah Kadisha that follows a centuries-old tradition of community support for individuals experiencing the continuum of issues that arise at the end of life. 

The specific task of our Chevrah Kadisha, within this framework, is to symbolically and physically prepare the body and soul of a deceased person for its transition from this world to Olam Ha-ba (the World to Come), and to “accompany” the body and soul during the period from death to burial. Regardless of your beliefs about what happens after death, our Jewish traditions for care of the body and soul after death are accessible to you and your loved ones, and offered free of charge.

Please click here for contact information and details on the Chevrah Kadisha committee and process.

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